Crediblefit is not just a name or a brand, we are a lifestyle. We are a team who believes in excellence and conquering goals. We believe people push them selves more, when they feel confident with how they look. So what better way to do that than to create  High Quality athletic clothing that adds motivation and inspiration into your workouts or even just your day to day activities. We as a company are here for the public, we ask the public for their opinion on colors and or styles for future collections. We believe People will shop where they feel appreciated and Crediblefit appreciates everyone who supports us. 

Crediblefit was founded by a veteran who believed fitness was a way to bring happiness into peoples lives. He believed clothing was a way to motivate / inspire people to set and conquer goals that people once deemed impossible. He set out to create a community through the company that would motivate and push each other to accomplish their goals.